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EzyCash Gold Buyers AucklandDiamond Dealers (also EzyCash Gold Buyers) will pay you a top cash price for your unwanted diamonds.  You may have old diamond rings or a diamond engagement ring  from a former relationship.  Bring your unwanted diamond rings or diamond jewellery into Diamond Dealers for an in-store valuation.

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The 4 Cs

Diamond Dealers Wholesale Cash Rates Valued DiamondsDiamond Dealers will be able to assess the value of your diamond using the 4 Cs of diamond grading.  The 4 Cs are:

The Cut of the Diamond

The cut of the diamond doesn’t refer to the diamond’s shape on the outside.  The diamond’s cut refer to the diamond’s reflective quality and the diamond’s brilliance (ie. the light coming from the heart of the diamond).

The Clarity of the Diamond

Every diamond has imperfections.  Some are blemishes which occur on the outside of the diamond.  Some are inclusions which are on the inside the diamond.

The Carat-weight of the Diamond

Diamonds are weighed in carats.  Since bigger diamonds are extremely rare, the heavier the diamond is, the more the diamond is worth.

The Colour of the Diamond

If a diamond is colourless, the more light can pass through the diamond and the more brilliant the diamond is.  So the less colour the diamond has, the more valuable the diamond is.

Diamond dealers are diamond specialists.  Your diamond ring or diamond jewellery could bring you an unexpected windfall.  So come and see the experts at Diamond Dealers (brought to you by EzyCash Gold Buyers).

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