Trends in Diamonds – Fancy Cuts

A current trend in diamond jewellery is diamonds that have a ‘fancy cut’.  A fancy cut diamond is a diamond whose cut is dictated by the original shape.

There are four categories of fancy cut diamonds:


Modified Brilliant Diamonds

This has the brilliance of the round brilliant cut but more unique.  The downside is because the diamond is an irregular shape there is a greater chance of damage.

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Step Cuts

A diamond with a rectangular or square shape.  This diamond retains more of its carat weight than a diamond of the round brilliant cut.

Mixed cuts

A combination of the brilliant and step cuts.  The idea being that it retains the brilliance of the round brilliant cut and loses minimal weight like the step cut.

Rose cut

An older cut of diamond which went out of fashion in the early 20th century as it lacks brilliance.  However they are become more popular as demand rises for older, antique jewellery.


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